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We all love to travel, crave for new experiences and new challenges and enjoy the most the feeling of pride when we successfully finish a trip. Overcoming challenges bring us joy and energy, but journaling and sharing our trips with other travelers willing to listen will add a real purpose to our travels. You may love to write, photograph, video or document your travels, just as much as you love to travel. After all, travelling can leave you speechless, just to turn you later into a great storyteller. So, no matter if you travel to build your individuality and life experience, to expand your perspective, to learn, to challenge yourself or just to scape, you are welcome to share your travel experiences with a great diversity of travelers on bmy.guide.

While we all have a destination, we all have a different way of getting there. bmy.guide Ranking System is based on the number of Flaps a user receives from other users. Every new rank achieved brings you more GPs (Guide Points). Find out where you stand:

Newcomer — Explorer— Traveller— Guider — Ambassador


Okay, so you are new on bmy.guide and you are ready to explore all the opportunities bmy.guide has to offer: You are a NEWCOMER.

Browse as much as you want, watch other travelers and their great travel adventures, search for whatever is on your mind, read a lot and enjoy your experience.

When you are ready, make your first postcard and share it with us — you definitely have a lot of great things to share and we would love to hear from you. Your posts will be appreciated and you will receive Flaps. Get more than 499 Flaps to reach the next rank.


Well done! You reached 500 Flaps. You are now a TRAVELLER.

For you, travel is a way to break out of the day-to-day grind, to embrace the extraordinary, to discover the world and more about yourself. We bet you like to plan your travels on the go and to embrace the local customs and traditions of your destination.

On bmy.guide you’ll meet many other Travelers, just like you. Watch them, read their journals, stories or reviews to find out truly amazing places and you may even find some inspiration for your next trips.

As you keep sharing postcards or journals that excite and inspire other users, you’ll get more and more appreciation. 1000 Flaps received will take you to the rank of Explorer.


Great achievement! Your 1000 Flaps made you a dedicated EXPLORER.

There is a lot of passion and devotion for everything you’re doing. Whatever your reason is, travelling is part of your life. Your experiences will now inspire someone else, will make them embark in an adventure, challenge themselves or expand their perspectives.

Everything you choose to share from now on will help others discover and consider fresh ideas they might haven’t thought of before. That’s a great personal reward and a big reason to keep doing such a great job. Take a moment to jot down your thoughts while you’re on the road and let us be witnesses to your memories, emotions, places or people you’ve encountered.

You’ll get all of our appreciation and gratitude and by the time you’ll reach 10,000 Flaps for all of your posts you’ll become a real Guider.


Congratulations! You did it, you reached 10,000 Flaps and the GUIDER rank is all yours. We are deeply grateful for the countless memories you chose to share with us, for all your postcards that have allowed us to see incredible places and for all the emotions and feelings we wouldn’t have thought possible without your journals and stories.

We thank you for the dedication and passion you put in all of this and we are glad that you have chosen to stay with us. The thirst for knowledge and new experiences, everything you’ve learned from your travels and all the changes you faced have changed for most of us the way we see the world. You made us want to experience adventures just like yours and gave us thousands of reasons to embark on trips that will make us better and wiser persons.

We believe you’re ready to be our Guider. Everything you share from now on will appear as a priority in other users’ searches. So, keep up the good work and don’t hesitate to offer your help or advice to other travellers who need guidance.


Congratulations, you did it! You are one of the bmy.guide’s Ambassadors!

Whether you achieved the Ambassador rank by reaching 100,000 Flaps or because you were selected by bmy.guide to become one of your region’s Ambassador, we are so glad to have you on board!

You definitely love to travel and to inspire other people to do the same. Your travel stories, articles and tips from around the world helped many of us to find inspiration or great travel ideas. You made a difference in the lives of others and, without even noticing, you may have supported local economies, empowered communities, and created tangible change.

Your memorable travel experiences in every corner of the world, from world-famous locales to the remotest destinations around, made you a unique bmy.guide Ambassador.

Our mission is to make you feel a part of bmy.guide team. Together we will inspire others to follow their travel dreams, experience new cultures and discover the world and changing it for the better.

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