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The First Socially-Powered Search Engine for the natural environment. NO ADS and NO Commercial Interests. Only Pure and Unaltered Information

1. Overview — What is

Offering answers to over 16.5 million questions related to the natural environment, is a peer-to-peer search engine and a social platform, created with the sole intention of connecting travelers around the world, and providing all the resources they require to discover the world, research, plan, book or record their trips online. is the first decentralized search engine with 100% pure and unaltered information. There are NO ADS and NO Commercial Interests that can influence the decision-making process of our users.

The entire data base of our platform is created and owned by the Ambassadors, the highest rank on An Ambassador is a reporter and a correspondent, through whose eyes people get inspired and discover the wonders of our world.

During the last 4 years of development we haven’t allowed information added by companies, we haven’t built an advertising platform, we have never had advertising campaigns inside the mobile app or the web platform.

During the last 4 years, we have fought for the user’s right not to be manipulated or harassed in his decision-making process. We fought against the current systems, built to manipulate the information for their own financial interests.

During the last 4 years, we have not accepted private investments or VC Funds and we have not partnered with companies that are promoting values different from ours. And we will never do it!

2. Today’s Landscape

If you think that Google, Facebook or YouTube make your life easier, you’re probably right. Unfortunately, much of what is awesome about these three search engines also makes them increasingly terrifying with each passing day. Not only they have all the information and answers about you, but they record everything you enter into its search engines, store it on servers and use it to provide you with what they believe you may be looking for. Why? Because they are corporations, and their goal is to make money, a lot of money. And they are doing it perfectly using an advertising network that works incredibly well. `

3. The Solution

Our goal with is to create a search engine able to answer to as many questions related to the natural environment as possible. We have built a search engine where you can find relevant and trusted information, community-reviewed services and an encyclopedia of the surrounding world unaltered by commercial interests.

4. How does it work?

It’s genuinely simple — every time a user makes a post on, he/she assigns a title, a location, images and additional information related to that post. We arrange all the information and we create official pages for all the locations, businesses or places around the world. The more your post is appreciated by other users, the higher it goes in the rankings.

Learn more about how does works here:

5. Who are the Ambassadors?

The Ambassador is the highest rank of the system. The Ambassador is a reporter and a correspondent, through whose eyes people get inspired and discover the wonders of our world. Each Ambassador is part of one of the 197 national teams and is the only one who has the right to add information on the platform.

Each Ambassador is part of the ranking system and has a Global Rank and many other stats based on his entire activity. Learn more about ranking system at

6. The NFTs Collections

We select the most voted digital information from our Ambassadors and we transform it into a unique digital art. Our NFTs Collections are created based on the most important tops and keywords of the database and is shared with art collectors, nature lovers and supporters on OpenSea at

Every piece of our NFTs Collections represents not only a Collectible, but also an important part of the search engine. All of our art pieces are socially confirmed, voted and ranked. Owning any NFT is like owning a small piece of the world.
See more about Genesis collection at:

From every NFT sale conducted by, 40% goes to the Ambassador who created the post, 10% goes to charity (Environmental Protection Organizations) and 50% goes to the company (to carry forward our desktop and mobile applications)

7. The Financial System

We are backed by 2 (two) cryptocurrencies created to serve the ecosystem, to provide stability and an organic growth of our applications: AmbassadorGuide (GUIDE)Token and GUIDERO (GUIDERO) Token.

7.1. AmbassadorGuide ($GUIDE) Token

The AmbassadorGuide Token is built on ERC20 Network and is the cryptocurrency used for purchasing the NFTs and the Ambassadors positions inside our applications, and for rewarding our Ambassadors’ activity. The AmbassadorGuide ($GUIDE) Token was relaunched in July, 2021, one year after Livecoin Exchnage’s disappearance, where was listed initially.

$AmbasssadorGuide Token Details:

Ticker: GUIDE
Contract Address: 0x6bd194658ab67d152bdad91d6615260872dd9537
Max. Supply: 10,000,001
Circulating Supply/Added on Liquidity: 3,000,000 (locked for 3 months)
Tokens Locked: 7,000,000 (1 year)
Listed on: Uniswap

7.2. Guidero ($GUIDERO) Token

The GUIDERO Token is built on BSC Network and is the utility token that will be used inside the platform for subscription fees, for joining the Marketplace and for taking control of the already created official pages.

$GUIDERO Token Details:

Total Supply: 10,000,001
Contract Address: 0x2b5bebb777bfef1dbbe82556335f6fd2e842cad6
Listed on: To be announced (GUIDERO Token private-sale ends on Q4, 2021)

8. Documentation & Useful Links

  1. Learn how does work:
  2. What is the Ranking System:
  3. technical paper:
  4. GUIDERO Token Explained:
  5. Letter from our Founder:
  6. Case Study:

7. NFTs Collection on OpenSea:

8. Ambassadors Ranking:

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The First Socially-Powered Search Engine for the natural environment. NO ADS and NO Commercial Interests. Only Pure and Unaltered Information