March 21nd, 2021

What is Phalanx Manifesto?

Phalanx Manifesto is an answer to the current problem of the financial market systems. It is a manifesto against theories that exclude the possibility of a strategy that can be used by all small players, so that they can make constant profits in a real financial system.

Phalanx Manifesto is a strategy that is intended to be applied to existing financial laws and methods of mass manipulation (i.e. ‘FOMO’ or ‘fear of missing out’), intentionally created to:
- withdraw up to 95% of the existing liquidity on the market
- total dispossession of money of small players
- destruction of small and medium projects in the short, medium and long term

Our Plan

With Phalanx Manifesto we aim to stop the loss of liquidity in favor of big players and drain it into a distribution system so that all small players can win. We have created an entire ecosystem capable of supporting the theory and we are still developing it. At the same time, we have created Guidero Token, a strategy which includes the rules to follow for each of the participants and the requirements and the general principles of operation.

What are we going to do?

  1. We will not to register any negative variations of Guidero price graph during these 400 days
  2. We will offer to all of the players involved daily passive income during 400 days (entire period of Guidero Main Sale) through ‘Hold & Reward’ Campaign
  3. We will create a common Liquidity Pool worth $47,000,000 available for all the Guidero players involved.
  4. We will offer to all Guidero players a collection of ‘Genesis’ NFTs, worth $500/piece.
  5. We will offer unlimited reward for all the players involved through ‘Bring your Friend’ Campaign

We are creating a system without precedent in the financial systems history. A system with a uniform and homogeneous structure, that will allow all the players involved to make profits.

We invite to be part of the Guidero System and to put your name in the history!

The first 1150 players involved represent the ‘Genesis Players’, being the biggest holders of Guidero.

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