Official Announcement — July, 21st 2021

Dear Community,

Starting with July, 21th 2021 we are reintroducing our GUIDE Token (built on ERC20).

The GuideAmbassador Token (GUIDE) is replaced with AmbassadorGuide Token (GUIDE)

Ticker: GUIDE

Contract Address: 0x6bd194658ab67d152bdad91d6615260872dd9537

Max Supply: 10,000,001

Other changes to be noted:

  1. Official announcements regarding the token swap will be available soon
  2. AmbassadorGuide (GUIDE) listing details will be available soon
  3. GuideAmbassador (GUIDE) Token (former token) contract address: 0x3130dd4efcfd51166934039cb5747707a55f3a5e

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