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Offering answers to over 16.5 million questions related to the natural environment,

Our story begins 4.54 billion years ago, when the first particles began to form what we call today… our Home — the Blue Planet.
The first indisputable evidence of life on Earth dates back at least 3.5 …

Dear Community,

On 21st July 2021 we have relaunched the AmbassadorGuide (GUIDE) Token, built un ERC20.

All the holders of the former GUIDE Token, who purchased GUIDE tokens from the Livecoin exchange or joined the bmyguide marketing campaigns during 2018–2020 are asked to join the token swap.

What do you have to do?

  1. Send the…

Dear Community,

Starting with 23rd July, 2021, we inform you that the ONLY LEGIT PROFILE of the company on is the following:

We advice you not to purchase or trade items that doesn’t belong to the profile stated above. The wallet addresses used to create the other existing profiles of have been hacked and we no longer have access to those addresses.

We are working in real time to solve this situation with the team.

Until further information, you are welcome to explore our NFTs collection at:


👉 For more information, join the community:

Telegram Group:

Telegram Announcement Channel:


Dear Community,

Starting with July, 21th 2021 we are reintroducing our GUIDE Token (built on ERC20).

The GuideAmbassador Token (GUIDE) is replaced with AmbassadorGuide Token (GUIDE)

AmbassadorGuide (GUIDE) Token Metrics

Ticker: GUIDE

Contract Address: 0x6bd194658ab67d152bdad91d6615260872dd9537

Max Supply: 10,000,001

Other changes to be noted:

  1. Official announcements regarding the token swap will be available soon
  2. AmbassadorGuide (GUIDE) listing details will be available soon
  3. GuideAmbassador (GUIDE) Token (former token) contract address: 0x3130dd4efcfd51166934039cb5747707a55f3a5e

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March 21nd, 2021

What is Phalanx Manifesto?

Phalanx Manifesto is an answer to the current problem of the financial market systems. It is a manifesto against theories that exclude the possibility of a strategy that can be used by all small players, so that they can make constant profits in a real financial system.

1. Introduction

The development of the new means of communication has generated different information searching channels and feedbacks such as social networking sites, online review sites or virtual communities. Based on this, the traditional word of mouth (WOM) is transformed in electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM).

eWOM is “the positive or negative statement made…

(March 17th, 2021)

Dear friends,

I am Alexandru Radulescu, CEO & Founder at and I want to share with you our vision and goals.

Firstly, I want to thank God for all the kindness, forgiveness, and for all the people He brought into my life. When I started building…

Guidero Token is the utility token of the platform, built on Binance Smart Chain.


Millions of images, stories or reviews are uploaded on We categories the content through the power of crowdsourced data and as a social network, we are creating official pages for all the locations and…

A community of passionate Newcomers, Travelers, Explorers, Guiders and Ambassadors

We all love to travel, crave for new experiences and new challenges and enjoy the most the feeling of pride when we successfully finish a trip. Overcoming challenges bring us joy and energy, but journaling and sharing our trips with…

The First Socially-Powered Search Engine for the natural environment. NO ADS and NO Commercial Interests. Only Pure and Unaltered Information

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