Dear Community,

Starting with 23rd July, 2021, we inform you that the ONLY LEGIT PROFILE of the company on is the following:

We advice you not to purchase or trade items that doesn’t belong to the profile stated above. The wallet addresses used to create the other existing profiles of have been hacked and we no longer have access to those addresses.

We are working in real time to solve this situation with the team.

Until further information, you are welcome to explore our NFTs collection at:


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Dear Community,

Starting with July, 21th 2021 we are reintroducing our GUIDE Token (built on ERC20).

The GuideAmbassador Token (GUIDE) is replaced with AmbassadorGuide Token (GUIDE)

AmbassadorGuide (GUIDE) Token Metrics

Ticker: GUIDE

Contract Address: 0x6bd194658ab67d152bdad91d6615260872dd9537

Max Supply: 10,000,001

Other changes to be noted:

  1. Official announcements regarding the token swap will be available soon
  2. AmbassadorGuide (GUIDE) listing details will be available soon
  3. GuideAmbassador (GUIDE) Token (former token) contract address: 0x3130dd4efcfd51166934039cb5747707a55f3a5e

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